AARA fosters the highest standards of integrity and competence in the Arbitration of disputes. AARA’s purpose is to enhance the role of arbitration in Armenia and to encourage the resolution of disputes through the use of Arbitration.
To achieve its goals, AARA organizes professional voluntary training for arbitrators, designs events, creat... read more

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  • Round table discussion was held to discuss the amended Civil Procedure Code of RA

    31.01.2020 0

    In September 2018 a round table discussion was held at AARA where the members of AARA participated and shared their views and opinions on the newly amended Civil Procedure Code of Armenia.

    Mergelyan Cluster, 0033 Yerevan
  • Call to participate in the Frankfurt Investment Moot Court Competition

    31.01.2020 0

    Council of Europe Office in Yerevan along with the ARAA has announced a call for student participants to join the 13th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court competition team that would represent Armenia.

    Mergelyan Cluster, 0033 Yerevan
  • Annual Mock Arbitration Compeittion 2020

    31.01.2020 0

    The Annual 8th Mock Arbitration Competition will take place in Armenia this year. A number of students and professionals will gather at the American University of Armenia to participate in the mock competition. Most of the members of the AARA will be acting as arbitrators at the Mock Competition.

    Mergelyan Cluster, 0033 Yerevan

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  • AARA member to coach the Frankfurt Moot Court team


    Aram Khachatrian - a member of AARA will be coaching the joint team organized fr

  • Sanitek threatens to initiate arbitration proceedings against the Yerevan Municipality


    Sanitek Armenia on behalf of the company shareholder Nicholas El Tawil, also act

  • AARA member has contributed to the creation of the ICLG guide on International Arbitration.


    A member of the AARA, Lilit Karapetyan was one of the contributors to the ICLG i